5 Crucial Parts of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Crucial Parts of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Crucial Parts of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

It’s no secret that having an online presence is vital to your professional and organizational success. The internet is the most utilized tool for market research on products, services, and businesses. One key element that continues to increase in popularity is social media marketing.

Social media marketing isn’t just creating a Facebook business page and inviting your friends and family to like your page. It goes beyond that – social media marketing demands attention, creativity, and value. During the last few months, I met with a number of professionals and business owners and learned 3 things:

  • Businesses understand the importance of social media.
  • Businesses are not sure where to start or think they’re too late to join the “game”.
  • Businesses with an online presence often don’t know what to post about.

The are 5 important pieces of the social media marketing puzzle you need to understand to be successful.

  1. Be present.  For social media marketing to work, you have to be present on social media. That doesn’t mean create a business profile page on every possible platform.Simplify your presence by being where your customers are. Where do they hangout online? If you don’t know the answer – ask the top 10% of your customers where they spend their time on social media.
  2. Make a plan. Marketing and growth strategies cannot exist (at least not in an organized fashion) without a plan. Content calendars are a great method to plan topic ideas, identify who is responsible, and track completion and results. E-mail me for a copy of my content calendar (free to you & NO tricks- I promise!).
  3. Be unique. There is no power in being a copycat. Write unique and creative content that reflects your business personality. Write the way you want your customers to know you. If you find a great article online and you can’t say it any better – don’t! It is okay to share content directly from other authoritative websites if you give full credit.
  4. Be consistent. Consistency is a huge factor in being taken seriously online. Posting once every 3 months doesn’t increase your audience. In fact, it does the opposite. Often times your followers will forget why they liked your page and unlike you when you show up after months of being silent. The content calendar plays a big role in helping you achieve this step.
  5. Share value. Your content needs to be valuable to your audience not to you. Forget about selling online. Offer content, ideas, and resources that solve their daily struggles and problems. If you don’t know what they are – create a survey or call a few to ask. If you are an insurance agent who specializes in homeowners insurance – offer year-round tips highlighting common household tasks that are forgotten about and the risks they face if ignored (replacing washer hoses every 1-2 years to prevent breaking and flooding).

It’s safe to say social media is here for the long haul. If your business isn’t present, you are missing out on reaching a wide audience of potential customers. When leveraged correctly – those potential customers start to think of you as the thought leader in your industry and trust your judgment, opinions, and product or service.

About The Author

Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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