The One Thing You Need to Change in Your Online Marketing Strategy

The One Thing You Need to Change in Your Online Marketing Strategy

The One Thing You Need to Change in Your Online Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

As 2016 quickly comes to a close, many businesses are looking for ways to ramp up their online marketing strategy for 2017. As I read through numerous articles on the subject, one thing is certain – a lot of experts have an opinion. Honestly, looking back at our year, I can identify a handful of things Fuhrman Creative needs to change in 2017, but I’ll save that for my first post next year.

Working one on one with numerous businesses these past ten months, I’ve seen and heard a number of opinions on digital marketing. Some businesses still think it’s not for them. And other businesses don’t understand why their posts, blogs, and tweets aren’t producing any financial return. The reason is a simple one for me to state, but I realize business owners and professionals need a little guidance on the subject. Here goes.

Change Your Online Marketing

If you only try to sell your products or services on your social media pages, blog, or website, customers will ignore you. Our society has figured out how to “tune out” sales noise. Instead, you need to give them a REAL reason to pay attention to YOU. Which means, you need to create a connection, one that makes them FEEL emotion in their heart. Once you break through that barrier you can gain their trust and generate revenue directly related to your online presence.

How do you do that?


That’s not so simple. Here are six strategies you can use to break through the emotional barrier and get your customers to pay attention.

  1. Know who your ideal customer is.  Before you can do any sort of marketing for your business, you need to know who your best customer is. Identifying characteristics of an ideal customer helps you market and target these individuals online. Create an ideal customer profile that lists characteristics, location, ticks, and where they spend time online.
  2. Give them your why. Talk about the reason you started your company and offer the services or products you do. Who do you want to help and why? This is one of the best ways to connect with your online audience. When portrayed the right way, they feel like you are talking directly to them. In addition, share the history, milestones, and stories about your team to strengthen their emotional connection.
  3. Highlight real stories with real people. You know your product is valuable. Your existing and past customers know your product is valuable. Find a way to show this online with pictures, testimonials, and videos of real customers’ experiences. Invite your best customers to share their story in a short video that highlights their positive experience. Focus on how it makes their lives better. Your audience will connect better with real stories than anything else.
  4. Use videos to educate customers. The power of video grew a lot in 2016 and will continue to increase in 2017. Video captures more engagement, comments, clicks, and shares online. Use it to your advantage and educate your customers. Create videos highlighting techniques they can use to do something better.  A real estate agent might film a video that reviews questions to ask an agent before signing a contract. Or one that shows them how to declutter a room in less than five minutes.
  5. Ask a question about your product. Ask your audience for their opinion of your product or service. Do you like A or B better? Which color makes you want to buy today? Getting their instant and honest feedback helps you make better decisions moving forward.
  6. Why can’t they live without it? Paint a picture of their life with your product or service. How do you make things easier for them? Talk about it and make it impossible for them to say no to making a purchase.

Use these six strategies to focus on the connection with your customers in 2017. Strong connections lead to increased trust and long-term revenue for your business.

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Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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