3 Things I Did Wrong on Social Media in 2016

3 Things I Did Wrong on Social Media in 2016

3 Things I Did Wrong on Social Media in 2016

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

Every business seems to be jumping on the social media bandwagon. For good reason, social media is where consumers spend their time outside of regular work hours. If you want your brand to be noticed, you need a social media presence. As a marketing agency, it makes sense that we established our presence on social media before we “opened the doors” to customers.

Looking back on 2016, I realize I made a few serious blunders on my social media marketing plan. What?! How can a social media marketing agency NOT practice what it teaches?! It’s true. I failed. Here are my top three mishaps in 2016 and how I plan to change them in 2017.

No Content Calendar. 
This is only partially the case. I created a content calendar in the early stages of my social media presence. And then I ignored it. Content calendars help businesses plan ahead and avoid writer’s block in the moment. I quickly found myself scrambling to research new content and find interesting posts to share with you.

In 2017, things will change. Expect one to two blogs per week based on my current experiences and interactions with business owners. I know that there is a ton of information about digital marketing already available on the Internet. But, teaching from my personal experiences means I am directly addressing the needs of my clients and potential clients.

Not being consistent.

I had great intentions to post daily and inspire business owners to embrace digital marketing strategies. But, I quickly learned as I got more involved in meeting prospects, doing presentations, and actively working on my clients’ accounts – my social media strategy got pushed to the backburner.

This is the one thing I help businesses prevent! For 2017, I created a new content calendar. And I scheduled time daily on my calendar to post, promote, and interact with my amazing customers. Make sure you are following Fuhrman Creative on Facebook to participate in all the marketing fun!

Not using paid advertising.

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn make changes daily (at least it seems that way). One of the biggest changes I noticed (and plenty of others did as well) is that business pages aren’t getting a prominent place in user’s newsfeeds. This is a problem. There is no point to create a social media presence if no one sees your posts!

I plan to embrace paid advertising options in 2017. My goal is to increase my existing following and engagement on my page. It’s the most cost-effective way to get my services in front of my target audience’s eyes. AND I get to target exactly who I want to see the message.

These are the three biggest blunders I made in 2016. Are you guilty of any of these? If so, make sure you subscribe to the Fuhrman Creative blog and Like us on Facebook. You will find valuable tips and information you can use daily to increase your online presence.

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