3 Types of Content That Increases Online Engagement

3 Types of Content That Increases Online Engagement

3 Types of Content That Increases Online Engagement

Posted by Fuhrman-Admin

As a business owner,  you need to traffic, engagement, and conversions to keep your doors open. Understanding that concept and actually driving the necessary traffic are two separate business tasks. Ideas don’t just suddenly appear out of thin air. When you do have the next big idea to grow your company, there is also no guarantee that it’s going to work.

Through the years, I have watched business owners, leaders, and marketers struggle significantly with generating ideas. It’s hard. It’s even more difficult when you’re competing in an overly crowded Internet space. Stop stressing; you are not alone! I’ve put together a list of the top types of content you can use to increase your traffic and online engagement.

What Types of Content Do You Need to Publish on Your Website?

But, before I share types of content, let’s cover one important concept. DON’T add content to your website without a true intention behind it.  Publishing daily content without any meaning is a waste of your time and your audience’s time.

Here are the top 3 types of content you should publish.

Inspires your customers

Inspirational content is enjoyable to read and easy for users to share. Making other people feel good creates and instant connection between you and them. That connection is something they will remember when they need your services.

For inspirational content to work, make sure you include social links on your website that lets them instantly share from your page.  If you struggle to generate inspirational content, poll your customers and employees for causes close to their hearts. Create content based on these causes to gain online traction.

Improves your customer’s lives

There is a horrible myth that you can’t help customers with their lives because you will be giving up your trade secrets. That is not true. Online users search for fixes to their immediate needs. The more helpful your website content is, the more likely it will show up in your ideal customers’ search results.

Let’s look at the example of a landscaping business. It may seem scary to share the steps you take to create a beautiful backyard. But, it is what will get people in need of your services on your website. Once they start to understand the amount of work involved, they will want to hire someone. Voila! They are already on your website, and it is easy for them to contact you.  

Makes the reader smile

When online users smile, they are more likely to share the content with their audience. Does that mean you should share funny cat, dog, or kiddo videos? Possibly. The type of entertaining content you share depends on your audience.

What does your audience like? What does your ideal customer like? Start with your existing customers to find the answers. Create a focus group or send an e-mail survey discussing possible content ideas. Listen to the responses. Before you post anything, ask yourself these questions. Is this something that makes me smile? Is it something my audience will like? Is it something my audience will share?

Publishing online content is mandatory in today’s Internet-driven business world. But, publishing content solely to check it off your list will get you in trouble. Start brainstorming new ideas today based on these three types of engaging content and watch your online traffic increase.

For a more in-depth look at content and ideas that can help your business grow, contact our team today at 717-965-4406.

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