8 Tips for Overcoming Facebook Live Butterflies

8 Tips for Overcoming Facebook Live Butterflies

8 Tips for Overcoming Facebook Live Butterflies

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
May 22, 2018 | social media marketing

8 Tips for Overcoming Facebook Live Butterflies

One of the most common remarks I hear from clients and other business professionals when talking about social media marketing and Facebook is that they’d love to go “LIVE” but are just too scared.  With that in mind, I’d like to share eight helpful tips on how to overcome those Facebook LIVE butterflies:

  1. Plan ahead.

If the thought of going live on Facebook has you tongue-tied and terrified, do yourself a favor–plan ahead and be prepared.  Keep a list of ideas on a spreadsheet either in Excel or Google which you can add to on the go with the right app or use the Notes app to capture your thoughts. Identify key points you want to share on each topic and review them often.  

  1. Practice!

While the idea behind Facebook LIVE is to have a conversation with your audience that doesn’t sound rehearsed, it is a good idea to practice your message in advance so you can moderate your tone, volume, and speed.  This type of practice will help to calm your nerves and make you more confident in front of the camera.  

  1. Be consistent with your online marketing.

If you aren’t sure anyone is watching or interested in your topic, an excellent way to generate interest and increase viewers is to let your audience know in advance when you plan to go LIVE.  Be consistent with the days/times of your event and, even if no one is watching, do it anyway just in case someone joins you.  

  1. Use notes.

Keep notes in front of you or to the side to keep you focused, and so you don’t forget any important information you wish to share. 

  1. It’s NOT about You!

If you choose to go LIVE, remember—it’s NOT about You—what you look or sound like, whether your audience is small or not interested at all is irrelevant.  Don’t stress but instead focus on your topic and how it relates to and can benefit your audience. 

  1. Create accountability.

Have a strategy of accountability to avoid making excuses for NOT going LIVE.  Create a Facebook LIVE event each time notifying people in advance so you’ll be more likely to do it if you’re tempted to opt out.  Another idea is to ask a friend or colleague to keep you accountable by reminding you to honor your LIVE commitments.  

  1. Challenge yourself.

Create a specific, achievable challenge for yourself such as Going LIVE 5 days a week in June.  Have a topic for each day and stick to it.  This will increase your consistency and effectiveness. 

  1. Create a private group.

Finally, if you’ve never gone LIVE, create a private group (with at least one other person) so that you and only the individual you choose can see you.  This will give you time to get comfortable in front of the camera, get used to the buttons, and build your confidence without publicizing all those nerves that come initially with Facebook LIVE.

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Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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