Types of Posts to Increase Engagement

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
January 10, 2019 | Internet Marketing

Types of Facebook Posts To Increase Engagement

Now that you’ve created a social media page for your business, they key is to be consistent with posting. Many business owners struggle with figuring out what to post so we’ve put together a list of our favorite types of social media posts.

This or That

Ask customers which item they prefer in their home, food, life, etc. This works especially well for product businesses or restaurants. Post 2 pictures of different menu selections or items sold by your business and ask your audience to vote on their favorite. This is also helpful for business owners to learn why a certain product doesn’t sell as well as another and provides an opportunity to make changes or additions.

Facebook Live

Facebook Lives are a powerful way to showcase yourself, your brand, and your products and services. Start by introducing yourself and the business, remember to smile, and share valuable tips and information that betters your followers’ lives. For instance, if you offer wellness products, do a LIVE with 3 wellness tips. Only include one that requires your product and 2 they can implement immediately.

Tell a Story

Today’s buyers want to know YOU. This is especially true for the millennial generation that doesn’t trust businesses. The more they know about you, why you started your business, and how you help others, the more likely they are to trust you.

Trending Topics

Posts that talk about trending topics get more credit in the Facebook algorithm. Look at the news or national days calendar and pull something that matches your brand. https://nationaldaycalendar.com is a free resource that businesses can use to pull ideas.

Be sure to include the matching hashtags (#) so you get the proper credit.


What is happening behind the scenes of your business? Are you getting ready to launch a new product? How are products made? Are you expanding? Take pictures of what your audience doesn’t usually see and share on social media.

Ask Questions

Are you looking for new ideas? Or do you need help deciding on something? There is no better way to make the right choice than polling your audience! This is also a great way to find out what is most important to your customers. Example Question: What are 3 things that you look for when trying new coffee?

GIF Posts

GIF posts are another form of question posts but are geared towards getting to know more about your followers. Ask them a question and have them answer with a GIF. For instance, “Show us how you feel when somebody asks you what’s for dinner?” or “Show us using a GIF how excited you are for the weekend.”


This is a powerful way to increase engagement and is great to use if all you hear on social media is crickets. Example post ideas include “The first car I ever drove was ________.”, “[Brand Name] has made my life easier because ______”, “The one word that best describes my personality is _______.”, “My favorite holiday is __________ because _________.”

Inspirational or Motivational Quotes

Social media needs a little more inspiration and a little less negativity. Sharing motivational quotes puts a smile on your follower’s face. Plus they are more likely to be shared than other types of posts. Shares = a larger audience.

Product Videos

Showcase the products you offer in action. This helps customers believe that they work and allows them to see the value.

Highlight Customers

Every customer has a different story on why they support your business. Ask loyal customers if you can share their story and picture on your Facebook page. Sharing testimonials shows that a business is legitimate and helps those on the fence believe they can benefit too.

If you find yourself still struggling, contact the social media marketing team at Fuhrman Creative today.

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