Facebook Tips for Business Pages

Facebook Tips for Business Pages

Facebook Tips for Business Pages

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
January 18, 2019 | social media marketing

Social Media Tips You Can Do in Less than 3 Minutes

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool used by more than 60 million businesses worldwide. Like most marketing tools, the platform is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to “keep-up”. One of the biggest goals of Fuhrman Creative is to provide ideas and tips everyday on our Facebook page as well as weekly through our blog or Facebook Live videos. We often hear from business owners that they just don’t have time to spend on Facebook. We’ve put together a list of ten tasks you can do in less than three minutes that will boost engagement and make your page more user-friendly.

Create a User-Friendly Experience

When a Facebook user visits your business page, they are usually on the hunt for services you offer or more information about the business. If your page lacks information, they will quickly move to the next page. Here are a few easy ways you can set up your page for success:

Configure the page button.

Every business page has a main page button that you can use to guide your audience to take action. Choose from call now, send message, get directions, learn more, shop now, and watch video. Deciding on which call to action depends on what you want customers to do first.

Create a username.

Too many businesses skip creating a username, but they are an extremely valuable SEO tool. Claiming a username on Facebook embeds that name in your Facebook URL. Adding a username means the Facebook page can be found on search engines and the page is easier to find for those searching on Facebook.

Declutter tabs.

There are a number of tabs available on Facebook business pages and most of them show up automatically even if you don’t use them. If your page has too many tabs, it can appear cluttered. Take the time to review these tabs and remove the unused ones to improve the usability of the page.

Use pinned post to share vital information.

Pinning posts with announcements or important details about your business makes it easy for page visitors to find. Pinned posts can be created from a regular post. The best types of posts to pin include special sales, hours, and announcements.

Update the ‘Our Story’ section.

The ‘Our Story’ section on Facebook is a way for businesses to share the story of their business. It is an easy and powerful way to build a connection with customers and share the how, why, and where of your business.

Increase Engagement on Facebook

Once your page is user-friendly, your next focus should be on creating and increasing organic engagement. Start with these easy steps:

Use Facebook stories

Stories originated on Instagram, but became so popular that they are now used on Facebook as well. Depending on how your page is configured, most posts can be added to the story at the same time you publish a post. This is a valuable tool because stories show up at the top of user’s newsfeeds and there is no algorithm associated with them, making it an easy way to guide them back to your page.

Respond to every comment.

Responding to every comment as your business page is a must with the Facebook algorithm changes of 2018. Facebook wants conversation and gives more organic credit to those pages that converse with followers than those that do not. The results? You gather more followers and existing fans are more likely to see your daily posts.

Interact with other business pages.

Spend a few minutes each week interacting with other business page posts as your business. Instead of just liking posts, take the time to comment and have conversations. This is a great way to attract new followers to your page and build better business connections (PS- We don’t recommend commenting on your competitor’s page).

Post when followers are most active.

Utilize Facebook insights to determine when the majority of your audience is online. If they are night owls, it won’t be beneficial to post at 7 am; and vice versa, if they are on in the morning, posting late at night won’t help.

Look at post insights.

Review insights on posts to determine your most engaged posts. When you identify what type of content your audience enjoys most, you can post more to increase engagement, encourage conversations, and build your online community.

If you are ready to begin social media marketing, but don’t know where to start, contact the team at Fuhrman Creative today.

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