What Should You Wear For Video

What Should You Wear For Video

What Should You Wear For Video

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
December 17, 2019 | digital marketing

What should you wear for a video?

You’ve been asked to be filmed for a promotional video for your business. Sound exciting? A bit nervous? Don’t know what to wear? Here are a few helpful tips to look your best in front of the camera.


Be aware that glasses reflect the camera during filming. Have contacts? Wear those instead. Contacts not an option? Sit or stand at an angle that does not catch the reflection of the camera. People want to see and hear you during the segment. Don’t have them be distracted by a reflection.


Don’t wear big, bold, flashy jewelry. It will distract from your face, and people will gravitate towards looking at your necklace.


Stay away from light-colored off-whites or greys. Instead, go with bold colors like greens, yellows, blues, pomegranate, or even hot pink. The best color to wear is cobalt blue. Wear solids to be safe – no patterns.

Size and Fit

Make sure the clothes you pick fit you. The camera is going to pull out every potential flaw in what you choose to wear. TV and video are not forgiving. If your clothing is slightly big, it will show. If the arms of your shirt or suit are too long, it will be obvious, particularly when you rest them on a table or desk.

The cut of your clothes is significant as well. You want to wear something that gives you shape. Don’t wear a loose-fitting cardigan. It may appear that you are swimming in a garbage bag. An excellent example of the right thing to wear is a blazer. They are cut well and have a structure that on film translates to shape. Have something that hugs your mid-section? Stay away from it!


Take a look at hosts of your favorite TV shows like Shark Tank. All of them have well-fitted dresses and professional suits. They are a perfect source for ideas of what to wear to make you look your best on video.

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