Tips for Taking Great Social Media Pictures

Tips for Taking Great Social Media Pictures

Tips for Taking Great Social Media Pictures

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
September 28, 2020 | social media marketing

Tips for Taking Great Social Media Pictures

If you own a business, then social media is one thing you cannot ignore. Your next client is likely there and looking for solutions to problems they have, whether that be a product or service. One of the most engaging pieces of content you can publish on social media is pictures. But it can be challenging to take the right pictures to post. We get that, so here are tips for taking great social media pictures.


One of the basics of photography is symmetry. It’s a technical word that essentially means to make sure the focal point of your photo is centered. Position your camera slightly to the left or right, and the entire feel of your photo will be lost.

Crop Yes, Zoom No

A common mistake is to overuse the zoom feature. Unless you are using a high-quality professional camera, you will inevitably lose image quality when you zoom in. Instead of zooming, try getting closer to your subject. After the picture is taken, you can use photo editing software to crop the picture to your liking.

Reflections Can be Your Friend

As long as the reflection is not taking the photo, they can be a really neat feature to include. Imagine a sunset reflection in a window. Reflections can add a unique perspective you will not otherwise capture in a photo.

Repeating Patterns

Patterns are a great way to get your followers’ attention. Sometimes it’s a matter of shooting from the right angle and perspective. Imagine a row of bicycles. Shot from head-on when the wheels are all aligned, it’s not much to speak of. Move to the left or right, and you have a whole new picture.


People are great subject matter for social media campaigns. Photos with people tend to get higher likes and more comments. Keep in mind that not every picture has to be your subject posing. Candid shots add a whole new element to your photos. Shots of people behaving naturally doing something always draws followers in.

Be Funny

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Now, for a few brands, this may not work, such as the financial industry, but in general, they are few and far between. You want your brand to have some personality. If your company sells a product or service with a target audience that would enjoy some occasional humor, don’t be afraid to post a funny photo or two.

Don’t be Conventional

Conventional is bland. Find ways to make your photo pop off the page by using unique ways to highlight your products. Here’s an example. Let’s say you sell men’s swimwear. You COULD take a picture of swim trunks nicely laid out on a display, OR you could take a picture of a guy wearing your product jumping off a cliff into the ocean. See where we are taking this? Be original and think outside the box.


If you want to be successful with your social media campaign, you need to focus on the quality of the photos you use. By following a few or all of these tips for taking great social media pictures, you will find that soon your followers will be more engaged and interactive with your content.

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