How To Increase Engagement on Social Media

How To Increase Engagement on Social Media

How To Increase Engagement on Social Media

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
June 17, 2021 | social media marketing

There is no better feeling than creating a post that receives the package deal of attention every content creator strives for: the likes, comments, and shares that lead to gaining more followers. The next day though, your post hardly gets any traction at all. What did you do differently? Think about your social media strategy and what you do to engage your audience. Maybe the successful post asked a question or provided more relatable content than the next post.

Social media engagement is an important part of growing your following and making your business top-of-mind in your industry. We are going to explore the importance of engaging with your customers on social media and how to increase that engagement.


Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Engaging on social media creates a relationship with your customers. When a follower comments on a post or sends you a message, that is your time to connect with them and build loyalty. Your customers want to know they are speaking to a real human being, after all, they are! By being more humanized, customers will be more likely to buy your products or take advantage of your services because they feel confident in your business. Even where there are negative comments, responding to those will show people that you care about your customers. The best part? Because of all this, your sales will grow naturally!


Ways To Increase Engagement

Do you feel like you could do more on your end to make customers feel appreciated and more drawn to your business? Here are some helpful tips to increase engagement:

Post Relevant Content 

Think about your buyer persona. Is it a middle-aged man or woman that works 9-5 and lives in the suburbs, or is it a younger millennial who thrives off the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city? Create a buyer persona based on the product or service you offer, give them a name, and target your content towards that person. Getting to know your target audience will help guide you to post relevant content specific to your customers.

Be Responsive

Be as responsive as possible. It’s called “social” media for a reason. Positive or negative, always respond to comments and messages. Make your customers feel appreciated when they take the time to answer your question or leave a review about a recent purchase. Always try to suggest resolutions to someone who had a negative experience, this shows potential and existing customers that you care. The only time you don’t absolutely need to respond to comments is when someone isn’t engaging directly with your post, such as tagging a friend.

Encourage People to Like, Comment, Share

Every post should have a call to action. Otherwise, what was the point of it, right? People are more likely to comment or share if you ask them to first!

Contents + Giveaways

If you can run contests with giveaways through sponsors or expenses from your own business, do it. You can ask your followers to visit a certain page, share your post, leave a comment, tag a friend. Most people will do simple tasks for free stuff!

Use Images in Every Post

Due to how our brains are wired, the average person responds better to images than plain text. When scrolling, we typically stop because of a relevant image, then read the text. Always use an image if you are looking to increase social media engagement.

Gain Followers

It’s a no-brainer that more followers equal more engagement. A brand with tens of thousands of followers is going to see more engagement than a small company with a few hundred followers. While quality over quantity is still a factor here, it’s much easier to receive more engagement when you have a higher following.

Post More Than Once Per Day

Being consistent and posting regularly will naturally increase engagement. 2-3 posts per day will help increase an engaged audience. However, posting more than that could cause your company to be annoying and result in people unfollowing. You’ll also want to post at the best times of the day.

Optimize Optimize Optimize

Whether you are trying to steer customers back to your homepage or another product page, be sure to create compelling headlines that captivate your audience.

Grab Reader’s Attention

Think about your favorite brands for a second and the content they put out there and what instantly makes you double-tap the screen. What drew your attention? Was it the graphic or maybe a short word in all CAPS? Find inspiration in what grabs your attention and apply it to your own pages.


Do you regularly get likes, comments, and shares on your posts? Or are there some gray areas where you could do better to increase social media engagement? Focus on the quality of your content, be genuine, and show appreciation for your followers. The rest requires a strategy that we can help you with! We have a team of professionals who put the social in social media, contact us for industry-specific ways to increase your engagement.


About The Author

Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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