How to Use Videos to Improve your Social Media Marketing

How to Use Videos to Improve your Social Media Marketing

How to Use Videos to Improve your Social Media Marketing

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

When it comes to social media, video is here to stay! People consume video on platforms such as Facebook at a much higher rate than any other form of marketing. Why? Video is easy to consume on mobile devices and can be used to present a complete picture of the subject matter you are trying to convey. Video also adds a more personal touch to your marketing objectives. You probably wonder how to use videos to improve your social media marketing. Here are 5 tips to get you started.


1. Upload native content

Facebook is a great place to share your videos with your followers, but it comes with a catch. Native videos uploaded directly to the Facebook platform outperform direct YouTube links by 10x. Facebook likes to have the content shared on their platform as part of the platform rather than a link. You can still post your video to YouTube just upload it directly to Facebook to get the most engagement possible.


2. Keep them short

Looking for more engagement from your videos? Keep them short. Short videos are quick bite-sized bits of information that your followers can easily watch and learn something from. Keep your videos somewhere between one and two minutes in length. This will help hold your audience’s attention and ensure they watch the entire video.


3. Focus on the first 10 seconds

Recent studies by Microsoft have revealed that the average attention span of humans is now down to 8 seconds. To effectively hold their attention, make the first 10 seconds of your video count. Pull out all the stops and come up with something catchy so that your audience will want to stay for the entire video.


4. Be a storyteller

People tend to shy away from content that appears too “salesy”. There was a time when hard selling was the only way to create videos. People have changed and are more likely to react to a story with meaning rather than a sales pitch. Videos need to provide value and fill a need. Storytelling allows you to do this. Use your videos to create a bond with your audience. It should tug at their emotions and identify good reasons to continue with you.


5. Don’t forget the call to action

While creating great video content that is worth watching and grabs your audience’s attention, don’t forget the call to action. Every video you create should have one. This call to action could be sending you a message through Messenger or providing an email address or phone number. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. Just make sure you explain the benefits they will receive when doing your call to action.


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