Tips & Tricks For Engaging IG Reels

Tips & Tricks For Engaging IG Reels

Tips & Tricks For Engaging IG Reels

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

2021 has proven one thing. Instagram Reels are here to stay. They have become a huge part of content strategy for both brands and influencers. The key to riding this wave and leveraging it for success is to post Reels consistently. By doing so, Instagram will prioritize your content which in turn will increase your account visibility. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating engaging IG Reels.


Go behind the scenes

As with all content creators, there will come a time when you are out of ideas. Don’t worry. Think back to some previous video you shot that hit the cutting room floor. Compile that footage and create some behind-the-scenes style Reels. Everyone likes to have a sneak peek of how things work, and the same goes for your followers. Invite them into a day-in-the-life of your account!


Teach a skill

Reels are excellent ways to provide some educational content in your field of expertise. Reels give you just enough time to do a concise walk-through from start to finish. Using Reels for how-to videos or a quick tutorial helps you beef up the amount of varied content you provide your followers and shows you are an authority in your industry.


Commit to Reels

As mentioned earlier, posting Instagram Reels consistently will help the Instagram algorithm prioritize your content. That’s a good thing. The ideal consistency is four to seven Reels per week. This can be an intimidating endeavor if you are new to the whole Reels landscape. Don’t let that intimidate you; dive in with both feet! Simply start, and as days turn into weeks, you’ll become a Reels expert in no time.


Leverage Influencer Relationships

Forming relationships with Instagram influencers is just as important as creating Reels themselves. Seek out influencers who are close to your brand. Connect with them and work out a partnership-type relationship with them. It can be as simple as a content-sharing agreement. This can lead to help with Reels content. Ultimately it widens the audience you are exposed to and enables you to add followers to your account.


Use Insights to Guide Your Content

Reels Insights is where you can go to view important stats about your content. The data you have available to you includes likes, accounts reached, views, peak concurrent viewers, and video saves. These important insights show you how the content you have created resonates with your audience. Monitor these stats frequently and create the content that gets the most engagement from your followers. They are telling you what they like, listen to them.


With these tips, you’ll have a solid footing to start dipping your toe into the pond known as IG Reels. If you’re still not sure how to get started with Reels or are uncomfortable with the idea of making videos give us a call! The team at Fuhrman Creative, LLC can help.

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