Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales with Social Media

Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales with Social Media

Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales with Social Media

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
November 10, 2021 | Internet Marketing

Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales with Social Media

The holiday season is filled with plenty of hustle and bustle. From the first jingle bell (or even sooner) to the last snowfall it seems people are always excited about holiday shopping. Business owners know that the holiday season is an important time to reach out to potential customers and really drive home new sales. Did you know social media is a huge player in increasing audiences and attracting new customers? People not only shop for themselves this time of year but for others too. So if they aren’t someone who needs your product/service, and they know someone who is, you now have the chance to showcase why they need to buy from your business. 

Now you may be asking, “Okay, but how do I get people to see and purchase my product?” Here are a few tips for increasing engagement on social media that will ultimately lead to more sales this holiday season.

Tip #1:

Run a contest. People love the opportunity to compete for a little something extra this season. We see it every year during Black Friday. But using social media allows for greater reach and less pushing and shoving…

For example, if you make a post about a holiday sale your business is running, ask followers to share the post to their story and in the comments tag friends who may be interested. Each share and tag could be an entry to win free shipping on any item or a certain percent discount on a future service. This allows followers to share with friends who may not know about your business. 

Tip #2:

Post potential gift ideas on your page. Tying a pretty ribbon around your product can give followers an idea of what it would look like to gift your product to a friend or family member. A little wrapping paper never hurt anyone, right?

Tip #3:

Offer gift certificates for anyone who’s unsure of what to get. If a follower doesn’t know what to buy their Secret Santa, they can opt for a gift certificate instead and allow the other person to choose! Consider running a special on them (BOGO 50% off), so they can get one for themselves as well. Getting your product or service into the hands of your followers will allow them the opportunity to share it with others and experience it for themselves!

We hope this guide is helpful to you during the most wonderful (and sometimes the busiest) time of the year!

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Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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