The Importance of Diversifying Social Media Platforms

The Importance of Diversifying Social Media Platforms

The Importance of Diversifying Social Media Platforms

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

The Importance of Diversifying Social Media Platforms

Know of any businesses that stick with one social media platform because it’s too confusing or too much work to learn a new one? I’ve heard it all before and it’s part of the reason I started Fuhrman Creative, LLC over 5 years ago. I’m here to tell you that marketing across more than one channel is essential to growth and increased sales. Diversifying social media platforms may seem like unnecessary work, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Audience Demographics

Different social media platforms have different audience demographics. For example, the average user on Instagram is 21 years old and brings in approximately $23,000 per year, while LinkedIn users are around 35 years old with an income of around $100,000. If a business is looking for individuals to invest but spends all its time promoting on Instagram, they are likely missing the mark on potential investors. This is not to say that Instagram would not provide anyone able to invest, but rather, utilizing both platforms is critical to maximizing results. Understanding the differences between demographics across all social media platforms will allow a business to better engage with its target audience.

Engagement Features

Different social media platforms have different engagement features. Being able to understand the different tools and features from one platform to the next will allow a business to have a better reach. Take advantage of features that send notifications directly to followers in real-time, like using Facebook Live to show off new products firsthand. Because this will notify followers the second a business begins a live video, it could reach a wider audience than a stagnant post on Instagram. Utilizing different features on multiple platforms will increase engagement and spread information further about products or services than repetitive posts on one single platform.

Changing at Different Rates

Different social media platforms are changing at different rates. And nothing is set in stone. Trends are ever-changing so there is no way to know that what gets high audience engagement today, will be the same tomorrow. By advertising across top social platforms, a business gains higher adaptability. For example, the TikTok trend of 2020 prepared businesses for the introduction of Instagram reels not long after. Both TikTok and IG reels use soundbites to create videos and entertaining clips that businesses can use to grow their following. A business that was already working on TikTok likely had an easier time jumping into reels. Diversifying social media platforms and usage allows businesses to remain competitive.

If a business is looking to reach its target audience, increase engagement, remain adaptable, and stay ahead of the competition, diversifying social media is a great option. It may require additional work and research, but marketing a business across several top platforms will increase brand awareness and the likelihood of both new and recurring sales. Fuhrman Creative can help.

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Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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