Creating Videos for Social Media – What Tools You Need for 2022

Creating Videos for Social Media – What Tools You Need for 2022

Creating Videos for Social Media – What Tools You Need for 2022

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

Are you thinking about taking the leap into creating videos for social media? Videos are one of the best ways to engage with your existing audience or those you are trying to connect with. Videos can be fun, drive home a message, and spotlight your brand in creative ways. One has to be careful, though. Poorly made videos can drive people away.

So, if you are creating videos for social media the right equipment is a must! If you have poor equipment you will record low-quality videos that are difficult to watch. Invest in the right equipment, and you will see your videos take off! Let’s look at what tools you need.


The first place to start with is sound. You want to invest in a decent microphone to ensure you pick up what the people in your videos are saying. You have a couple of options for mics, and it helps to know a little about the types available.

Lavalier mics

These are a great option for the budget-minded. They are also great if you have movement in your videos as they clip onto your shirt.

USB mics

These are good when shooting video from a webcam or DSLR. They are not meant for walking around; instead are designed to sit on a desk.

Shotgun mics

These are the cream of the crop! They are plugged into your camera’s auxiliary and provide the best sound.


The second most important component of great videos is lighting. Lighting is essential for removing harsh shadows that can detract from the viewers’ experience. Here are a few items you can get to improve your lighting.

Light stands

These are a must; they allow you to position your lighting at the proper height during filming.


You’ll want a few clamp lights to put on your stands, along with a few 60W Daylight LED bulbs. If you are doing most of your video via your phone, a ring light with a tripod is an excellent choice.

Extension Cords

Don’t forget extension cords!


Whether you are using DSLR cameras or your phone, a tripod is a must. Tripods cut down on jerky movements and shakes. Remember, there are different tripods for different usages as well. Due to camera weight, DSLR tripods are more robust and expensive than phone tripods.

Also, if you do a lot of mobile filming with a phone, a hand-held stabilizer attachment is extremely handy!

Editing software

No matter what video you are shooting, the odds of it being perfect are pretty low. You will likely want to do some editing before releasing your video to the world. A few options to consider include:

FiLMic Pro

This is a favorite here at Fuhrman Creative. Available for both Android and Apple phones, this is an ideal camera app for your device.

Adobe Premiere

You can’t go wrong with the granddaddy of all video editing software Adobe Premiere. Its intuitive software package is one reason that so many use it.

Adding these tools to your video creation toolbox will go a long way in helping elevate your video game. Not ready to tackle videos on your own? Fuhrman Creative can help! Let’s talk about how video can help your business stand above the rest!




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