Is LinkedIn Relevant in 2022?

Is LinkedIn Relevant in 2022?

Is LinkedIn Relevant in 2022?

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
February 8, 2022 | LinkedIn

While LinkedIn often takes the backseat to other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s usefulness and unique features should not be overlooked. There are several distinct benefits of using LinkedIn to optimize business advancements and customer connections. 

Who uses LinkedIn?

One of the most obvious benefits of creating a social network on LinkedIn is the difference in audience age, income, and interests as compared to Facebook, IG, or TikTok. LinkedIn’s average user age is upwards of 35, while Instagram users are an average of 21 years old. When looking for customers or even investment opportunities, 35 is likely a better target age for upcoming businesses looking to increase brand awareness. 

Another large difference between LinkedIn and its competitors is that the average income of a LinkedIn user is $100,000 annually. Again compared to IG, the average user brings in $28,000, making LinkedIn a better audience for high ticket buyers.

What makes LinkedIn Unique?

LinkedIn has several limitations on connections and live-streaming, however, it also creates a smaller area of competition. Because LinkedIn doesn’t allow just anyone to go live on their page, when a business meets the requirements to do so, there is less competition as they market their services live. 

LinkedIn also limits the amount of connections that can be made on an account monthly. While this may seem like a downfall of the platform, it can easily be used to a business’s advantage. Making meaningful connections is always more important than pure numbers. Knowing that there is a limit on the number of connections, can create a better opportunity to seek out interested customers or to get referrals from current clients.

How can I best use LinkedIn to promote my business?

Best practices for using LinkedIn include posting consistently, focusing on building customer relationships, and receiving feedback to better create a space for future clients. Use LinkedIn to connect with followers and engage over content. It can be used to collect testimonials and collaborate with other businesses. 

No matter how it’s used, LinkedIn should not be a platform your business misses out on!

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