6 Favorite Business Podcasts 2022

6 Favorite Business Podcasts 2022

6 Favorite Business Podcasts 2022

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
August 31, 2022 | Uncategorized

In case you missed it, podcasts are all the rage these days, and our team has fully jumped on the bandwagon. 

Today, you can find a podcast about literally anything. Music, business, true crime, cheese (not kidding about that), parenting, politics – a quick Google search and a pair of headphones are all it takes to learn about any subject. 

We decided to take an internal poll and share some of our favorite business and leadership-related podcasts you should probably add to your list. Happy listening! 

1. Goal Digger Podcast – Jenna Kutcher

This is a great listen for anybody looking to learn how to set goals and accomplish them with their career. Whether you own a small business or are trying to work your way up the ladder, Jenna gets into the specifics about how to make it happen. 

2. BE(coming) YOU – Dr. Angela Marick

We highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and learn how to love themselves. Dr. Marick is a life coach based out of Central Pennsylvania. Her education, knowledge, and personal life experiences provide relatable and motivating advice to help reignite that flame keeping us going. 

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

Want to learn more about finance? This is the podcast for you. Dave Ramsey is already a well-known name for business and finance-related discussions. His podcast is excellent for anyone interested in reducing debt, budgeting, and other money-related topics.

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Known as a “serial entrepreneur,” Gary Vee is a great voice for those who are forward thinkers and knowledge seekers. Focusing on business and marketing topics, he often interviews other entrepreneurs about their stories and successes. 

5. TED Audio Collective

They call this a collection of “podcasts for the curious.” We couldn’t pick just one, so we thought we would share the entire collection. TED Talks Daily, Work Life, and TED Business are more appropriate for today’s theme, but the other topics are also great to add to your rotation! 

6. The Side Hustle Show

Ready to start your business? The Side Hustle Show is for you, especially if you are becoming an entrepreneur while maintaining your full-time job. This podcast provides new business ideas plus actions you can take to make your business-owning dreams possible. 

We know this barely scratches the surface of available podcasts, but if you’re new to listening, the list above is a great place to start! If you are an entrepreneur and looking to market your business, Fuhrman Creative can help. We are experts in branding, social media, content marketing, web design, graphic design, SEO, and so much more! Check out our website to learn more about our services or request a proposal.

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