11 Common Squarespace Questions:

11 Common Squarespace Questions:

11 Common Squarespace Questions:

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
September 12, 2022 | website optimization

You need a website but you’re not sure what platform to choose.  You may have heard of Squarespace but have questions about it.  Below are answers to some common questions that have been asked.  

1. Can I purchase my domain from Squarespace?

Yes!  You can purchase your domain right from Squarespace.  When you purchase your domain at the same time that you select your Squarespace plan, your first year for your domain is free. After that, the price usually is about $20. You also get a free SSL certificate and free WHOIS privacy. Squarespace takes your privacy seriously.

2. Is Squarespace right for my business?

Squarespace offers flexibility and functionality without a lot of confusion and headaches.  If this is you, then Squarespace is mostly likely the right platform for you.

  • You want a stunning website without hassle or fuss
  • You need a site up fairly quickly
  • You need an easy-to-manage site
  • You want transparent, set pricing
  • You want all-in-one convenience
  • You want to focus on your goals, rather than on maintenance
  • You like the security of dedicated support, 24/7

3. How do I get a custom email if I purchase my domain from Squarespace?

You can get custom email addresses to use with your Squarespace Domain through our partnership with Google Workspace.  To create your email, log into your website and go to Settings / Google Workspace. 

4. Is my Squarespace website secure?

All domains correctly added to your Squarespace site are automatically protected with free SSL certificates to improve security. SSL secures connections and prevents hackers from impersonating you or stealing visitors’ information.

SSL certificates are automatically included for:

  • Squarespace domains (registered or transferred to Squarespace)
  • Connected third-party domains
  • Subdomains
  • Built-in domains


5. What payment processors does Squarespace Support?

Paypal, Stripe, and Square are supported in Squarespace.  You can also accept Apple Pay from customers checking out on a supported device.  To set up your payment options go to Commerce/Payments.

6. Can I create landing pages in Squarespace without the header and footer?

Absolutely,  there is Custom CSS code that can be added to that page’s Custom CSS.  Click on the page’s gear icon and select Advanced / Page Header Code Injection.  Add the snippet of code below.  Be sure to add the <style> tags.  If you add the code under Design / Custom CSS, you would need to include the page #collection id and you would not need the <style> tags. 


 .header, footer {display:none!important; }


7. Can I schedule blog articles?

Yes, clients love this option.  If you like to batch your blogs, you can can schedule them to post when you want them to go live.  It’s a great way to have articles ready to go in case life gets busy.

8. Can I use Google Analytics with Squarespace?

Yes.  Set up your Google Analytics and then you’ll need to add the Universal Analytics (UA) tracking ID to Squarespace. 

From the menu, click Settings, and then click Advanced.

  • Click External API keys.
  • In the Google Analytics account number field, enter your tracking ID for this site.
  • Click Save.

You can now enter the tracking ID in both the: G-XXXXXXXXXX and UA-XXXXXX-Y format.

For help setting up Google Analytics, see the Google documentation.

9. What Squarespace plan is best for me?

The majority of people can use the Business plan.  The Personal plan is not recommended because it is too restrictive when trying to customize the website.   The other two plans are for people for e-Commerce. 

10. Can I add an Instagram feed on my Squarespace website?

You can add an Instagram block anywhere on your website and then style it.  Learn more about adding your Instagram block.  Your Squarespace Instagram block will sync with Instagram so that it shows the most recent posts. 

11.  Can I connect a domain that I purchased from a third-party provider?

You sure can.  Each provider connection may be a little different so Squarespace has put together individual guides for each provider.  Check out the Provider Specific Guides for more information.  You can also transfer your domain from a third-party provider to Squarespace or buy a domain directly from Squarespace.


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