How to prepare for headshots

How to prepare for headshots

How to prepare for headshots

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
September 21, 2022 | Photography

Headshots are important for any working professional. They allow you to appear put-together and knowledgeable to both potential customers and others in your field. But a bad headshot might do just the opposite. Below are some tips on preparing, so you get the best photos possible.

Pick out what to wear

You’ll want to wear a nice outfit, depending on your profession, business casual or business professional are great options. Most headshots are just that– shots of your head. So, put extra effort into choosing the top half of your ensemble. You shouldn’t skimp on the bottom half either, just in case.

Try to choose an outfit that is a solid color. It should not be white or fluorescent, as this can make you appear washed out.

Consider makeup

You’ve probably heard that movie stars wear makeup to appear better on camera. While your headshots likely aren’t a movie-level production, makeup can indeed improve your on-camera appearance. Like wearing a non-white, solid color, wearing makeup can stop you from looking washed out. However, whether or not you decide to wear any is a personal preference.

Bring a compact mirror

Bring a compact mirror along. This way, you can check your appearance and make small adjustments as needed. Sometimes, that one adjustment will be the thing that makes your headshot turn out perfectly.

Relax your smile between takes

A common problem with headshots is that they can appear forced. To prevent this, relax your smile between takes. That way, your smile is authentic and not tired when you take a photo.

These tips will allow you to get the best headshots possible. Be sure to listen carefully to your photographer as well. If you want help taking headshots or establishing your business, contact us at Fuhrman Creative. We have years of experience in creating great web presences for local businesses.

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