3 Tips to Better Manage Your Social Media

3 Tips to Better Manage Your Social Media

3 Tips to Better Manage Your Social Media

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
November 16, 2022 | social media marketing

It can be challenging for business owners to find a spare minute of the day to make lunch, let alone manage one or more social media accounts. However, social media can be one of the most valuable marketing tools in an ever-advancing technological world. 

So, how can we balance it all?


Batch content

To save time during the week, create batches of content. Plan out posts for a specified time period – weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This will give you an idea of how your posts and content will flow from day to day, which can be centered around business activities, goals, or sales happening during those times. 

Keep it simple

Not every post needs to be filmed on a high-definition camera with top trending audio. While utilizing such features can potentially increase your engagement, it’s important to balance the time and effort required to create the content. While growing your audience, don’t be afraid to try new things such as filters, polls, or articles. However, don’t remain so focused on those that you struggle to come up with new ideas.

And if you can’t come up with new material every day, don’t be afraid to reuse it. By revamping and updating graphics or article information, you can create endless cycles of content for your business with little effort. 

Get help

Don’t go it alone. Whether you hire a social media management firm or keep the process in-house, don’t be afraid to explore options such as automated scheduling or utilizing analytics (provided by the platforms) to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. 

If you want to maximize your time and focus on growing and engaging your audiences on social media, Fuhrman Creative can do just that! Our team is hyper-focused on creating an online marketing strategy specific to your business needs. 

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