How Graphics Impact Your Online Business

How Graphics Impact Your Online Business

How Graphics Impact Your Online Business

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
February 15, 2023 | online marketing

Graphics and visual representations are great marketing strategies to showcase a business and provide interesting dynamics to a website or social media page. In a digital world, a business website is the new storefront, and graphics serve as informative advertisements directly on their page and create a cohesive brand identity. In addition, the colors, images, and text styles can attract or deter new customers from your business. The graphics used on a business’s website or social media pages can showcase the product or services being provided and influence how professional a business appears online. So it’s vital to choose the right graphics for your brand. 

Keep it simple

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options design platforms offer, but it’s important to remember that simple graphics often perform better. If consumers can easily read the text and understand the purpose of the graphic, a business is more likely to see higher engagement rates and, in turn, more potential customer visits to their website. Many online design platforms offer templates that make it easy to plug in brand colors and fonts to create clean, organized images. Still, knowing which are effective and useful for your business is important.

Use contrasting colors

Keeping colors on brand is easy, but layering similar colors on top of each other may make it difficult to see important parts of a graphic. Contrasting colors can immediately highlight the important pieces for consumers and eliminate confusion. Attracting the attention of potential customers is important, so creating standout content for websites or social media pages is an effective marketing strategy. Using graphics to make your business more easily identifiable can increase traffic and sales in the long term.

Images and logos

Using unique photos for your business creates a more authentic feel than defaulting to the stock photos provided on many design platforms. Add your business logo to graphics to clearly identify your business on each graphic. This makes them more recognizable and distinguishes your business.

Creating graphics online can take time and energy, but the results will speak for themselves. If graphics are not feasible for your team to create, Fuhrman Creative can help!

Fuhrman Creative offers graphic design services that will match your brand and give your online storefront an organized, professional look.

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