Starting a small business is, in fact, no small feat. There are many moving parts, from the initial research to establishing the business, both legally and physically. But unfortunately, the marketing plan is one of the most overlooked parts at the beginning of building a business.

According to an article in Forbes, “Just as the online world has become more relevant and necessary to the functioning of our society, digital marketing has become essential to success for businesses that operate within that society.”

Taking advantage of new technologies to create online advertisements or marketing campaigns can put a small business in a better position for growth and new lead generation.

Get serious about growth

The internet has become the greatest commerce platform in the world over the last few years. People are spending more and more time scrolling through products and services offered all over the globe, so businesses should be taking advantage of the opportunities available to advertise and sell online. 

Small businesses make up a small portion of the market as a whole, but their contribution to the economy cannot be overlooked. While they may compete in similar markets as larger retail chains, they can outshine their competitors in quality and service. As a result, their marketing strategy needs to be top-notch. 

Digital marketing strategies should be personalized to the target audience and work to solve a problem for the customer. The more successful these campaigns are, the more likely they will attract new customers who also need your product or service. 

Improved communication

Digital marketing isn’t just one-way communication. It opens the door for customers to reach out and express their appreciation or concern regarding the products or services you offer. Creating valuable content that followers can interact with will make the business feel more personable and bring in new clients. 

Save time and money

Traditional marketing costs can add up quickly. Digital marketing is a perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Social media and email marketing can be used for organic growth, meaning the content can generate free leads and sales. However, there are options for paid advertising across all platforms that can be combined to strengthen a marketing strategy. Regardless of whether the digital marketing strategy is paid or organic, there is a significant difference in cost compared to traditional marketing services.

An additional bonus offered through digital marketing is the analytics and insights integrated into many platforms. This makes it easy for individuals to track and adjust their content to find new customers and increase engagement.

Connect with customers

Marketing a small business can be as simple as creating a social media presence and being intentional about connecting with the right audiences online. Social media platforms act as digital billboards that can reach an even larger audience than physical signs. When customers interact with content and marketing materials via email or social media, connections are made between that person and the business. The more engagement and interaction customers receive, the more loyal they become to your business and brand.

Creating consistency and staying up to date with trends in your industry can help establish expertise and create trust with current and potential customers. They will refer your business to others, and the resulting growth could significantly impact sales and revenue.

Start today

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach new audiences, create consistent branding and generate new leads for your business. Fuhrman Creative has an entire team dedicated to improving digital marketing strategies for small businesses in the central PA region. Contact us today for more information!

About The Author

Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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