Pay-Per-Click Trends You Should Expect in 2023

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman

Pay-per-click advertising has risen over the past decade, especially with the constant introduction of new technologies. Since its introduction to the advertising world in 2002, endless organizations and companies have used this method to place their ads in front of the eyes of their target audiences. Even though the advertiser pays a fee each time a user clicks on their ad, the revenue they receive from these new customers outweighs the cost. 

Since many businesses want to be ahead of the game with their marketing and advertising, here are five pay-per-click (PPC) trends you can expect to see more of in 2023:

Voice Search

According to an Influencer Marketing Hub article, the smart speaker market is projected to be worth $6.5 million by the end of 2023. It is also estimated that in two years, three out of four (75%) American households will own a smart speaker. With the rapid expansion of this specific market, keywords and content need to be voice-driven. It is important to use search queries to research which phrases and keywords are used when someone views your advertisement. Also, know which terms were activated by a voice search, such as Siri or Google. This will help you adjust your advertising copy and use question-centered keywords. Keep a conversational tone with less than 30 words. The key is to keep content short and effective; if it is too lengthy, you could easily lose the searcher.

Artificial Intelligence

Another trend many marketers are seeing is the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, you can expect more automation in gaining useful data to boost companies from their competitors. This includes predicting click-through rates, ad impact and quality, and ways to get more traffic. In addition to predictions, AI will have the capacity to optimize ineffective keywords and evaluate customer conversion rates. Furthermore, AI will be able to help businesses adjust their PPC copy and predict consumers’ behavior through historical data. These advantages will cause companies to become even more competitive with bids for PPC advertising spaces.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are already heavily used in the video game industry. What if you could use them to heighten customer experience? With VR technology, the main focus is on the user’s eye movements. If a user stares at an ad they see for a few seconds, this could activate it to play. Another interesting feature these realities could bring is the opportunity to try products without purchasing them first. For example, the user could view the product in their home and see its size and features to better determine if they like it.

Visual Search

We mentioned voice search above, but visual searches are also increasing in popularity. Many visual search features already exist on social media apps like Snapchat. You can scan a photo and find the product within it. Snapchat will bring up a link to that product and its price. Search engines like Google and Bing also have a visual search option. Google Lens allows searchers to upload or take a photo. From there, Google will find websites with that exact photo or similar ones. Create an image gallery of your products on your website to cater to this trend. Add metadata to ensure search engines can label your pictures correctly. This will increase the likelihood that searchers will find products or services like yours.

Video Ads

We have seen short-form videos on the rise, especially since the launch of TikTok as a social media platform. Advertisers are trying to keep consumers’ short attention spans in mind, and they have been creating what are called “bumper ads.” These advertisements last no more than six seconds in length and can be played anytime during a video. Viewers are not able to skip them. These ads are typically found in YouTube videos, but they can also be present on sites that are Google video partners. They are a useful strategy for spreading brand awareness, even if it seems like a brief exposure to your brand.

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Here at Fuhrman Creative, we offer pay-per-click advertising expertise for you and your business or brand. We tailor ads to ensure they are reaching your target audience. PPC can be a great marketing strategy to help you increase brand awareness while also saving money since you only pay when they click. If you want to learn more about our PPC services, visit our website today!

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