Blogging has been a useful marketing tactic for many years. However, not every business realizes the benefits it can reap for its customer base and brand visibility! According to the popular blog-building platform Wix, business blogging is a top priority for 53% of marketers. So, if you still need to get into the blogging game, now may be the perfect time to start! 

Here are the top ways blog writing can boost your business:

Drive traffic to your website

The more pages you create on your website, the higher the likelihood of your content reach expanding. This provides more avenues for potential customers to find your business, especially if your page includes keywords important to your business or service. Be sure to intentionally incorporate keywords into your blog articles to increase your organic search ranking. The higher up on the search results pages, the better! And, once potential customers or clients are on your website, they are more likely to explore your services.

Generate leads

Once you have more traffic coming to your site, you have the opportunity to convert it into leads. A good method for generating leads is to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your blog posts. This could consist of a statement, such as, “If you are seeking [insert your product or service here], give us a call today at (XXX) XXX-XXXX!” Try to cater to the article topic each time, and don’t be afraid to use links to other pages on your site, especially if they list tools or services!

Repurpose content for social media

The beauty of blog writing is that it automatically gives you more content to post on your social media accounts. Since you will already write about topics your audience finds valuable, they will like seeing it in other forms. Sharing your blog content on social media will keep your business top-of-mind for customers, benefitting the retention of those relationships. The key is to reshape the content for each specific social media platform. For Facebook, include a summary or call-to-action with a captivating quote from your most recent article. For TikTok, create a short-form video highlighting key concepts in the article. The creativity is up to you, but it is an excellent way to recycle content!

Reinforce your brand voice/identity

Blog writing reinforces the voice and identity of your brand. There is no limit to how many blogs you can post, allowing endless possibilities for your audience to develop a more robust picture of who you are as a business. Use your blog page to share company news with your stakeholders. Then, they can stay updated with what is happening behind the scenes and in your community.

Build trust among your clients

Finally, blogging increases your credibility within your industry, further building trust among your clients. An ad or landing page can only tell so much about a business. By writing from your point of view on topics that matter to your mission, your clients will become more familiar with you as a key resource within your field. A blog gives clients a reason to check your website regularly – to read the new content you have to share! If your clients trust you as a company, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

If you are considering adding a blog to your website, Fuhrman Creative can help! Our team of writers is trained to take on your brand and voice and write top-quality blogs. Visit our blog writing services page to see how we can develop a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your business goals.

About The Author

Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman, owner of Fuhrman Creative has many years of online marketing experience.

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