The Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman
November 5, 2023 | Artificial intelligence, marketing

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has come full force into the world as a whole and also into the digital marketing world. Not only can AI write a blog for you in seconds, but it can change the scenery in a picture, provide customer service, and diagnose diseases based on medical imaging. The possibilities are truly endless. So, what does that mean for those who work in the digital space? Does that mean we’re just years away from being booted out by a bot? Maybe not.

Artificial Intelligence allows digital marketers to analyze consumer behavior using data from social media platforms and blog posts. This data is collected and translated to help digital marketers better understand how customers find and engage with their content, websites, and advertisements. 

AI Assistance in Advertising

For many marketers, AI tools are collecting data on digital advertising. AI can efficiently analyze vast amounts of data to pinpoint key trends related to consumer behavior and market dynamics. Predicting which demographic groups are most likely to engage with specific types of content based on the results of AI data collection can reduce wasteful spending on ineffective ads, ensuring that every dollar spent will likely result in a higher return on investment. 


AI Assistance in Content Creation

For content creators in the digital marketing space, AI can be a true game changer. Writer’s block is a prevalent nemesis to content creators and can devastate time management plans and productivity. Artificial Intelligence provides innovative solutions by suggesting ideas, sentences, or paragraphs based on provided prompts that can stimulate creativity, initiate new thought processes, or help writers continue when they are stuck.


Consequences of AI

As a digital marketer, it can be tempting to allow AI to take all of the creative freedom to save time, but this isn’t necessarily the best step for your clients. AI content generators may provide out-of-date, misleading, or inaccurate content, which could be penalized by search engines. Without editing, AI-generated content could negatively affect your SEO, sending you further back than where you began. 

When considering AI for your business, it’s also essential to address the cost of implementing and maintaining AI technologies. These costs can be a significant consideration for small businesses. Artificial Intelligence could cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the different features included. And while there are some free versions of AI available to the public, they are often less advanced and may not provide the most accurate information. 

Digital marketers can view the introduction of AI to their businesses through both positive and negative lights. When done positively, choosing to use it in your business can impact time savings and creativity. If you need more time to get comfortable using AI but want to optimize your business online, consider hiring a digital marketing firm that knows when and where to use AI most efficiently and effectively. Have questions? Fuhrman Creative is here to help!

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