Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | February 1, 2023 | Internet Marketing

So, what IS branding? When you make a purchase, are you specifically buying the product or service, or are you making decisions based on the whole package (including the brand...

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Why Email Marketing is Important
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 25, 2023 | Internet Marketing

Whether the latest Instagram glitch closed your account temporarily or if you've accidentally deleted followers or content on a social media account, it can be extremely frustrating not to have...

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Inexpensive Marketing Options for Small Businesses
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 18, 2023 | Internet Marketing

Marketing can take a big part of a business’s budget - we won’t deny that. Still, there is a lot of truth in the old saying, “You have to spend...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 11, 2023 | website optimization

Most businesses today realize that they need a web presence to make the most of the opportunities out there.  Some companies will spend a lot of time perfecting their home...

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The Online Storefront
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 4, 2023 | Internet Marketing

Have you ever looked at the outside of a store and thought, “I’m not sure this is entirely what I was looking for…” A website can evoke the same reactions...

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What is alt text and why do you need it?
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 28, 2022 | Internet Marketing, online marketing, SEO

All businesses want a website that is SEO-friendly. SEO means that your business will rank higher on search engines, driving more traffic to your website and expanding your audience. There...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 21, 2022 | marketing strategy

Finding time to invest in marketing can be difficult, especially as a business owner. But did you know that it only takes 17 days to make something a habit? Using...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 14, 2022 | marketing strategy

Keywords are the way in which any search engine can identify the topics or relativity of your page to what the consumer is searching for. In order to choose the...

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4 Common Marketing Myths
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 7, 2022 | marketing

Marketing is often a misunderstood industry. It’s constantly evolving as we quickly shift to a digital world and businesses are revisiting their strategies.  There are many myths and common misconceptions...

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How to make a Google Business profile
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | November 30, 2022 | Internet Marketing

If you're searching for a good or service, you're likely searching on Google. Getting your business listed on Google is an important step for marketing. If you aren't there, you...

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3 Tips to Better Manage Your Social Media
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | November 16, 2022 | social media marketing

It can be challenging for business owners to find a spare minute of the day to make lunch, let alone manage one or more social media accounts. However, social media...

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How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | November 2, 2022 | online marketing

Starting a social media page (or pages) for your business is easy. However, getting interaction with your posts is not. Our marketing agency specializes in organic engagement, meaning that we...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 26, 2022 | content marketing

If you’ve been researching digital marketing at all, you have likely heard that you need to direct your message toward your ideal audience. But how do you know who your...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

As business owners, networking can provide opportunities to expand and grow your connections and resources both within and outside your industry. While in-person networking may have been put on hold...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 5, 2022 | social media marketing strategy

In the age of social media, it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to have a Facebook page instead of a website. But is it the best decision for your business?...

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