content marketing

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 26, 2022

If you’ve been researching digital marketing at all, you have likely heard that you need to direct your message toward your ideal audience. But how do you know who your...

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Why all small businesses need a content editor
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | August 24, 2022

Marketing is essential to small businesses, as it helps increase a customer base and brand awareness. Creating content is one of the components of investing in marketing, including social media...

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Finding the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | June 15, 2022

One common misconception among business owners thinking about using social media as a marketing tool is that they must be present on all platforms to gain traction and produce sales....

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Tips for Writing Blog Posts People Will Actually Read
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | June 1, 2022

Content marketing. All the experts say to incorporate it into your business strategy, so you finally took the plunge and made it happen - you started a blog on your...

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Marketing Trends 2021
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | November 23, 2021

The Best and Worst Marketing Trends of 2021 As the year winds down, let’s talk about the best and worst marketing trends we’ve seen over the last 365 days. The...

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Content Writing
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | February 28, 2019

How To Overcome Writers Block I have to say that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Nothing will ever top getting paid to do what you...

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3 Types of Content That Increases Online Engagement
Posted by Fuhrman-Admin | May 4, 2017

As a business owner,  you need to traffic, engagement, and conversions to keep your doors open. Understanding that concept and actually driving the necessary traffic are two separate business tasks....

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4 keys to social media marketing success
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | March 28, 2017

Social media marketing is a hot topic in the business marketing world, but you already knew that right? Whether you are a new startup or have been in business for...

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6 Common Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Fix Today
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | June 17, 2016

Common Online Marketing Mistakes If you’re following my blog or Facebook page, you probably already understand the importance and value of social media and online marketing. The question is-what is...

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3 Simple Steps to Starting Your Online Marketing Plan
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | May 12, 2016

As a small business owner, you know and understand the inner workings of your business and what it needs to survive. You created your mission, vision, value purpose statement, researched...

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