Internet Marketing

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | September 28, 2022

If Instagram is a new platform to your business, you may not know that there are different types of profiles available or that  they offer a variety of features depending...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | September 14, 2022

Life gets busy quickly. Especially juggling your work life and personal life all while finding time for yourself. With everything speeding up, how do you find the time to slow...

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Which social media platform should you use for your business?
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | June 8, 2022

Social media is an excellent way for small businesses to market themselves. But, in 2022, there are so many platforms that it can be hard to tell which you should...

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TikTok for Your Business
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | May 12, 2022

When you think of TikTok, you might think of dancing videos or cute pets. But, plenty of businesses use TikTok to showcase their products– and for good reason. TikTok can...

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Types of Posts Businesses Should Use on LinkedIn
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | April 27, 2022

If you’re a business owner on LinkedIn and constantly struggle with the types of posts you should be using or are battling a lack of engagement, we’re here to help....

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Should You Outsource Social Media?
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | April 11, 2022

Does social media feel overwhelming? Like it's a never-ending, ever-changing hassle even though it's vital to business today? The number of digital marketing firms have grown over the last decade...

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How to Repurpose Old Content
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | March 23, 2022

One of the greatest challenges of any marketing campaign is creating engaging content.  Do you ever feel the struggle? Repurposing existing content is a great way to fill the gaps....

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Are Videos Necessary in 2022
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | February 24, 2022

  It’s pretty apparent that videos are a growing hot trend in marketing any business. Almost everyone has used video for promotional purposes on their social media feeds or websites....

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Google Business Profile
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | February 18, 2022

A rather large migration within the Google platform recently turned Google My Business into Google Business Profile. And, it's more than just a name change! We're here to help you...

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Gift Guide 2021
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 21, 2021

Fuhrman Creative Gift Guide 2021   Happy Holidays! As we move even closer to Christmas, our team wanted to help last-minute Christmas shoppers! While we are passionate about supporting small...

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