marketing strategy

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 21, 2022

Finding time to invest in marketing can be difficult, especially as a business owner. But did you know that it only takes 17 days to make something a habit? Using...

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Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 14, 2022

Keywords are the way in which any search engine can identify the topics or relativity of your page to what the consumer is searching for. In order to choose the...

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Are Videos Necessary in 2022
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | February 24, 2022

  It’s pretty apparent that videos are a growing hot trend in marketing any business. Almost everyone has used video for promotional purposes on their social media feeds or websites....

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Diversify social media platforms
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | December 7, 2021

The Importance of Diversifying Social Media Platforms Know of any businesses that stick with one social media platform because it’s too confusing or too much work to learn a new...

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5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Small Business
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | August 9, 2016

I spent a great amount of time these past ninety days talking with small business owners about online marketing. I quickly learned that more than 90% of those businesses truly...

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6 Common Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Fix Today
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | June 17, 2016

Common Online Marketing Mistakes If you’re following my blog or Facebook page, you probably already understand the importance and value of social media and online marketing. The question is-what is...

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3 Simple Steps to Starting Your Online Marketing Plan
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | May 12, 2016

As a small business owner, you know and understand the inner workings of your business and what it needs to survive. You created your mission, vision, value purpose statement, researched...

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