social media marketing strategy

Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 5, 2022

In the age of social media, it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to have a Facebook page instead of a website. But is it the best decision for your business?...

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Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 28, 2022

Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022   If there is one thing for certain, social media is not going away any time soon. It’s not just us saying...

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Marketing Trends 2021
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | November 23, 2021

The Best and Worst Marketing Trends of 2021 As the year winds down, let’s talk about the best and worst marketing trends we’ve seen over the last 365 days. The...

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IG reels
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | October 22, 2021

2021 has proven one thing. Instagram Reels are here to stay. They have become a huge part of content strategy for both brands and influencers. The key to riding this...

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Organic vs Paid Social Media
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | September 28, 2021

The world of social media is changing by the day. There are constantly new features or updates on the various platforms. Social media is no longer only about engagement and...

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Create a social media strategy
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | September 21, 2021

The days of considering social media a nice thing to have in your marketing tool bag have long passed. Today, if you want to reach potential customers and stay in...

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Best time to post on social media
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | April 20, 2021

Half the battle is knowing what to post on social media, but when is the perfect time to share it with the world? Algorithms change per platform, and time zones...

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4 keys to social media marketing success
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | March 28, 2017

Social media marketing is a hot topic in the business marketing world, but you already knew that right? Whether you are a new startup or have been in business for...

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3 Things I Did Wrong on Social Media in 2016
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | January 12, 2017

Every business seems to be jumping on the social media bandwagon. For good reason, social media is where consumers spend their time outside of regular work hours. If you want...

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5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Small Business
Posted by Kathi Fuhrman | August 9, 2016

I spent a great amount of time these past ninety days talking with small business owners about online marketing. I quickly learned that more than 90% of those businesses truly...

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