SEO Audits are a great way to determine how you business's website it performing.

SEO AuditHave you ever wondered why your website traffic is low or non-existent? Or why you can’t rank higher on Google? Try purchasing a website SEO audit that shows all of the data to help you rank higher.

SEO Audits are a great tool that every business should take advantage of. They provide information on your website and let you know what errors come up and whether they are critical or just a warning. Then you can work on fixing the errors to correct your SEO and ultimately rank higher on Google.



An SEO Audit will show you things to include but not limited to:

  • Redirect Links
  • NoFollow Attributes
  • Missing Alt Attributes
  • Low Word count
  • Missing H1
  • Multiple H1
  • Missing Meta Description
  • Duplicate Meta Description
  • Long Title
  • Long URL